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I was born in 1987 in the South of Bronx, New York City, at Lincoln Hospital, to two proud Salvadoran parents, Carlos and Sandra Montoya. Growing up poor in the 90s, in New York, to a Latino family imbued in me a deep cultural indoctrination and understanding of what it means to work and love hard.

I grew up on a healthy amount of street hockey, novelas, handball, small apartments, merengue, pupusas, salsa, bachata, cumbia, family trips, cousins, Coney Island, chancletas, and all that is New York City.

At 19, I moved out west to San Diego and took a stab at going to school, but, financially it didn’t pan out for me. My career started when I convinced a local residential house cleaning company to design their logo and website.

The rest of my career took off. I’ve shipped a bit of everything — from drawing up logos to defining design operations for startups and multi-billion dollar tech giants. I’ve been designing and launching apps that have reached the top 10 of all apps in the iOS App Store on multiple occasions, to thinking up asinine advertising campaigns to software used by millions of people.

My wife and I got married in those early years and had to muddle through providing financially for a growing family and what it meant to “design.” After many attempts at “figuring it out,” I’m now a father of three, a design director, and actively trying to maintain and sustain productivity while avoiding burnout.



Los Montoya Design Company


Healthy Together

Design Director/Principal Designer

Design operations/Hiring/app design/web design/webflow development

2020 → now
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Creative Director/Staff Designer

Design operations/app design/web design

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Creative Director/Staff Designer

Design operations/app design/web design/webflow development

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Senior marketing Designer

jira software/company pages/global search/web pattern library

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UI / UX designer

Designed mobile communication apps. notably, sideline/pinger/textfree

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